Russian region seeks to import vegetable and fruit products from Tajikistan

30/05/2016 14:29
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DUSHANBE, May 30, 2016, Asia-Plus – Russia’s Krasnoyarsk Krai is reportedly seeking to import fruit and vegetable products from Tajikistan.

The press service of Tajikistan’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) reports that about two dozen Russian enterprises dealing with purchasing and processing fruits and vegetables have expressed readiness to establish direct contacts with economic entities in Tajikistan.

Deputy Minister for Economic Development, Investment Policy and Foreign Relations of the Krasnoyarsk Krai, Anton Natarov, has reportedly sent a letter to Tajikistan’s CCI offering establishment of direct contacts between the economic entities of the Krasnoyarsk Krai and Tajikistan.   

Krasnoyarsk Krai is a federal subject of Russia (a krai).  It is the second largest federal subject after the Sakha Republic, Russia's largest krai, and the third largest subnational governing body by area in the world, occupying an area of 2,339,700 square kilometers, which is 13% of the country's total territory.  The administrative center of the krai is the city of Krasnoyarsk.  Over 95% of the cities, a majority of the industrial enterprises, and all of the agriculture are concentrated in the south of the krai.


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