Sanitary-epidemiological reconnaissance conducted at training grounds for Tajik-Russian exercise

09/03/2016 16:07
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DUSHANBE, March 9, 2016, Asia-Plus – Military medics have completed sanitary-epidemiological reconnaissance at the training grounds provided for a joint Tajik-Russian military exercise that was launched in Tajikistan today.

According to Russia’s Central Military District, the sanitary-epidemiological reconnaissance has been conducted at the Lohour, Momirak, Harbmaydon and Halqayor training grounds.

We will recall that Russia’s Antonov-124s have airlifted military equipment and other supplies to Tajikistan for a joint Tajik-Russian military exercise.

Mobile management point and automated communications engineering systems as well as military police units have been airlifted to Tajikistan.

The joint military exercise reportedly involves military management bodies of the Ministry of Defense of Tajikistan and Russia’s Central Military District, motor-rifle, tank and paratrooper units, as well as sappers and military medics.  A joint air force group and drones will provide an air support.

The purpose of the exercise is reportedly to rehearse coordination and interaction in combat missions in mountains. 





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