Seven killed in traffic accident in Sughd

28/07/2016 15:48
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KHUJAND, July 28, 2016, Asia-Plus /Mavlouda Rafiyeva/ -- Seven people were killed on July 27 as rockfall swept a vehicle over the precipice into the river.

According to the traffic police’s office in Sughd, young Tajik poetess Etibor Yusufi, her husband, their child, as well as her brother, her sister-in-law and her nephew were in the vehicle.  All of them died.    

The accident took place in the Ayni district.

Etibor Yusufi was born in the Ayni district on January 26, 1986.  She is author of three collections of verses: “Farishtai Umed”, “Atri Boron”, and “Khurshedi Shab”.  

The traffic police’s office in Sughd says 139 traffic accidents have been reported in Sughd province over the first six months of this year.  53 people have been killed and 14 others have been injured in those accidents.  


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