Shukurjon Zuhurov left a memorable mark under the "Tree of Peace" in New York

03/09/2015 10:25
Avaz Yuldoshev
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Dushanbe. 3 September. “Asia Plus” -- Today, on September 3, Chairman of the Majlisi Namoyandagon Majlisi Oli Shukurjon Zuhurov, after the completion of the World Conference of Parliament Speakers "Placing democracy at the service of peace and sustainable development" in New York, along with the parliament speakers from hundred nations of the world, put a memorial sign under the "Tree of Peace" near the UN headquarters.

As said a spokesman for the lower house of parliament Muhammadato Sultonov, on the 2nd of September, the World Conference of Parliament Speakers participants have adopted a declaration "Use of democracy in the interests of peace and sustainable development: the creation of the world that people want."It noted there that the parliamentarians of the world give the aware of the unique challenges related to the adoption of laws to implement international agreements and ensure the accountability of governments and international agencies for their full implementation.

"Despite the progress made in the field of democracy, peace and development, we continue to live in an uncertain world. Everyday reality in many parts of the world is wars and conflicts, often characterized by extreme brutality. Millions of people, especially women and children, are killed, maimed, are forced to leave their homes or flee in appalling conditions. We call for a much more determined effort to resolve the conflict through political dialogue and negotiation with full respect for international law. We offer more emphasis on parliamentary diplomacy, which has demonstrated its ability to give impetus to efforts aimed at resolving differences and conflicts. We are witnessing the horrific acts of terrorism in any part of the globe. There are new terrorist groups with significant resources. We condemn terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, regardless of who commits these acts and what are their motives. Our parliaments would do everything to strengthen cooperation and support the implementation of all relevant United Nations resolutions and international conventions and agreements on the fight against terrorism ", - emphasized in the Declaration.

The tree "of peace and unity" was planted on the territory of the United Nations Headquarters on May 5 this year in honor of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. The ceremony was attended by UN Secretary General Pan Gi Mun, as well as by the representatives of more than 40 Member States of the Organization.

A symbol of victory and peace without war became a weeping white cherry, which was planted in front of the central building of the UN compound. "By planting this tree today we remember all those who died and sacrificed himself to fulfill the mission set out in the Charter of the United Nations, and re-dedicate ourselves to the goals and ideals of the United Nations" - said Pan Gi Mun. "The tree is a symbol of life, goodness. White is a symbol of peace, weeping (Cherry) is a symbol of sorrow "- he said at the ceremony.

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