"Somon air" is considering buying of Russian "Superjet"

25/08/2016 10:54
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The leadership of the private Tajik airline "Somon air" is discussing the acquisition of “Superjet” (SSJ-100) aircraft, produced by the Russian company "Suhoy’s civil aircrafts".

As reported the press service of "Somon air", on Tuesday was held a meeting of the management team of the airline with the sales director of "Suhoy’s civil aircrafts" company Firuz Khasanov.

During the meeting in the office of "Somon air" Russian company has presented their products to the managers of Tajik airline, noting that SSJ100 aircraft is ideal from an economic point of view to fly over short distances.

The parties came to the conclusion that they would continue the negotiations after the submission of the commercial offer from the manufacturer.

Meanwhile, on the same day, the leadership of the "Somon air" has met with the representatives of Qatar Airways.

To the leaders of "Somon air" was made a presentation about the history and activities of one of the leading airlines in the world - Qatar Airways. After the presentation the sides discussed the issues of possible cooperation between the two airlines.

Up for today "Somon air" successfully operates flights from Tajikistan to Germany, UAE, Turkey, China, Russia and Kazakhstan. There are Boeing 737-300, -800, and -900 in the airline's fleet.

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