Statement by EU Delegation on the recent arrest of Ozodagon cameraman

14/01/2014 08:51
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DUSHANBE, January 14, 2014, Asia-Plus – On Monday January 13, the European Union Delegation to Tajikistan, in agreement with the EU Heads of Mission in Tajikistan, issued the statement on the recent arrest of Abdurahim Shukurov, a cameraman for the independent news website Ozodagon.

The EU Delegation to Tajikistan is deeply concerned over the recent arrest and reported beating of Abdurahim Shukurov.

“While welcoming his release from detention, the EU Delegation calls on the Tajik authorities to ensure prompt and thorough investigation of the case so that the perpetrators could be brought to justice,” the statement says.

“The EU Delegation urges the Government of Tajikistan to take all necessary measures in line with its international commitments to ensure that journalists are able to carry out their professional duties free from intimidation.

“The EU Delegation expresses its continued readiness to cooperate with the Tajik authorities to support the development of media freedom in Tajikistan.”

We will recall that Abdurahim Shukurov was released on December 26 after being detained for a day following protests by local media organizations.  Abdurahim Shukurov was reportedly beaten by policemen and arrested on December 25 while filming outside a courtroom, where Zayd Saidov was being sentenced to a lengthy prison term.

Shukurov had initially been placed under arrest for seven days.

Police also briefly detained several relatives and supporters of the jailed opposition figure and businessman Zayd Saidov.  They were later released after paying fines.

Zayd Saidov was sentenced to 26 years in prison on charges, including financial fraud, polygamy, and sexual relations with a minor.  He denies the charges and says they are politically motivated.



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