Tajik authorities accuse IRP leadership of preparing attacks on some public institutions

22/09/2015 15:10
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DUSHANBE, September 22, 2015, Asia-Plus - Tajik authorities accuse the Islamic Revival Party (IRP) leadership of preparing attacks on some public institutions.

The Tajik national TV channel, Safina, reported on September 21 that the IRP leadership is accused of preparing attacks on some government institutions.

The IRP leadership reportedly planned to seize buildings of the Tajik national TV channel, Shabakai Avval (Channel One), the Ste Committee for National Security (SCNS) and the Dushanbe airport at H hour.

Documents confirming that were reportedly confiscated from IRP’s head office in Dushanbe.

Besides, Safina showed an appeal that was allegedly prepared by the IPP, and in which the IRP calls on its supporters “to begin struggle against Rahmon’s regime in several days.”   

We will recall that the Ministry of Justice banned the IRP on August 28 and gave it 10 days to halt all activities.  The deadline was September 7.

According to the ministry, the IRP cannot legally continue its activities because it does not have enough members to qualify as an officially registered party.  The ministry said that all the party's branches in 58 cities and districts across Tajikistan have been closed.

Human Rights Watch, the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, and the Association for Human Rights in Central Asia released a statement on September 14 urging the Tajik government to reverse its decision to order the closure of the IRP and allow the party to operate freely.  Tajik authorities should also halt their ongoing campaign of harassment against the party and its members and allow independent political parties to operate freely in Tajikistan, the statement said.


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