Tajik border guards seize large amount of hashish and cannabis on the Tajik-Afghan border in Khatlon

20/06/2016 14:22
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DUSHANBE, June 20, 2016, Asia-Plus – Two Afghan drug traffickers have been wounded in a skirmish that has taken place on the Tajik-Afghan border in the southern province of Khatlon.

Mohammad Ulughkhojayev, a spokesman for the Main Border guard Directorate at the State Committee for National Security, says Tajik border guards on a routine patrol spotted and tried to detain eight armed drug traffickers who were illegally crossing the border river late Sunday in the area patrolled by the border units “Panj” and “Shouroobod.”

As a result of skirmish, two trespassers were wounded, according to him.  More than 14 kilograms of hashish, nearly 40 kilograms of cannabis, two assault rifles Kalashnikov and more than 50 bullets were reportedly found on the spot.       


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