Tajik deputies inspected the construction of Rogun HPP

29/08/2016 11:16
Avaz Yuldoshev
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A group of deputies of the lower chamber of the Tajik Parliament at the weekend have visited the construction site of Rogun hydropower plant and inspected the construction of a strategic giant.

As reported the source in the country's Parliament, the deputies got acquainted with the construction of energy giant in the country, conditions of work and rest of the builders.

The deputies have visited the main hall of Rogun hydropower plant, which will have units for electricity generation.

The deputies were presented the volume of work performed, the fastening structure of the walls, the mechanism and procedure for establishing the units, including their connection to the receiving power apparatus.

To install 6 units, total capacity of which 3 600 mW, there is ongoing preparatory work and installation of the required facilities.

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