Tajik MFA releases statement seeking help from partners for development

21/07/2015 17:05
Mehrangez Tursunzoda
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DUSHANBE, July 21, 2015, Asia-Plus -- Tajikistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on July 21 released a statement seeking help from partners for development to mitigate effects of recent natural disasters.

The statement, in particular, notes that mudslides and floods caused by torrential rains and melting glaciers have affected many mountain areas in Tajikistan this month.

The statement says damage caused by natural disasters is estimated at 100 million U.S. dollars.

“According to the preliminary data, the most hit area is the Shugnan district in the Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO).  58 residential buildings were destroyed completely and 14 other residential buildings were damaged partially by mudslides and floods in the villages of Barsem, Berdibekobod and Kolkhozobod.  Mudslides and floods also destroyed one school, six shops, two pedestrian bridges, two road bridges, 1,300 meters of irrigation canals, 3.5 kilometers of the highway from Khorog to Murgab, two kilometers of rural roads main, five parking lots, one refueling station, 8 kilometers of power transmission lines, and more than 3000 various trees,” the statement says.

In Gorno Badakhshan, mudslides have also affected Ishkashim, Rushan, Vanj and Darvoz districts.  In the village of Lugad in the Vanj district, mudslides have left six dead and five other persons have been reported missing.

The statement says mudslides and floods have also affected Jilikul, Bokhtar, Jomi, Khuroson, Rumi, Shahritous, Qubodiyon, Panj and Hamadoni districts in Khatlon province.  43 kilometers of riverbank reinforcement works have reportedly been destroyed in Khatlon.

In Sughd province, mudslides and floods have affected Ayni, Kuhistoni Mastchoh, Panjakent, Isfara, Shahriston and Jabborrasoulov districts.  One road bridge and 28.8 kilometers of the riverbank reinforcement works have been destroyed in the province.

In the districts subordinate to the center, serious damage has been caused by mudslides and floods to Nourobod, Rasht, Tojikobod, Jirgatol and Tavildara.  8.5 kilometers of the riverbank reinforcement works have been destroyed in the area.  Torrential rain on July 20 caused a landslide that blocked the Kamarob River.  Floods destroyed 60 residential buildings in the village of Pingun, one road bridge, 10 kilometers of roads, two pedestrian bridges, two mills and one transformer.  More than 50 households were destroyed completely and about 100 other households were damaged partially in the villages of Bedak and Khalkarf.  One resident of the village of Bedak was killed by a mudslide.  In the Rasht district, seven kilometers of power transmission lines were destroyed, according to the statement.   


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