Tajik President has taught a Class of the World to young Tajiks

01/09/2015 11:29
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Dushanbe. 1 September. “Asia Plus” -- Within the framework of the working visit to Kulyab the Tajik President Emomali Rahmon, today on September 1, has visited Kulyab State University named after Rudaki, where he attended the opening ceremony of the new administrative university building. It was built for 37 million somoni by the Chinese builders.

Then the President has attended and spoke at the traditional "Class of the world" - the first lesson that is taught in all educational institutions of Tajikistan on the Knowledge Day on the 1st of September.

President's speech was broadcasted on all channels of the Tajik television and, in turn, has been demonstrated in all the country's schools for all the students.

As said the press service of the State, on the Class of the World the President has in detail spoke about the Government's measures to improve the education system in the country. The President reminded that only in the years of Tajikistan's independence in the country were built more than 2 thousand 254 schools, and in this year more than 200 new schools will be commissioned.

Emomali Rahmon, referring to the parents of young people in Tajikistan, emphasized the need to prepare the children a sense of national pride in the country, to prevent the idealizing of foreign for Tajiks culture and national dress.

Based on the data from the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Tajikistan, Emomali Rahmon said that in the ranks of ISIL only from Kulyab 39 residents are fighting, from Vose 2 residents, 5 residents from Farkhor, 4 Hamadoni citizens, 4 residents of Shuroabad District and 2 Dangara residents, most of them have already died on the strange lands for the strange for Tajiks terrorist ideas.

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