Tajik Prosecutor General's Office has sealed the IRP office in Dushanbe

25/08/2015 10:14
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The decision of the Economic Court of Tajikistan, on the basis of the representations of the Republic`s Prosecutor General, on August 24 the central office of the Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan, which is located on the Borbad capital street, was sealed.

As said the source in the IRPT, the Tajik Prosecutor General's Office explains this action as an unresolved dispute about the legality of the building`s acquisition. The State Property Committee of the country said that the building, where the IRPT office is located, was illegally acquired. Earlier this building belonged to the "Tijorat" company, from which the IRPT had bought it.

The bailiffs, who had sealed the door of IRPT office, stated that the above-mentioned dispute should be resolved within 10 days.

IRPT was intended to spend their next report-election conference on September 15, in the work of which was planned the participation of more than 500 delegates and guests.

"The IRPT believes that the action of the authorities is aimed on the Party Congress` derangement," - said the source.

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