Tajikistan intends to introduce e-visa for nationals of 80 countries

03/11/2015 14:52
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DUSHANBE, November 3, 2015, Asia-Plus – Tajikistan intends to introduce an electronic visa (e-visa) for nationals of 80 countries for whom it simplified its visa process, Ms. Ozoda Rahmon, First Deputy Foreign Minister of Tajikistan, told Khovar news agency in an interview.

According to her, an international tender has been held for implementation of this project.  Eight domestic and foreign companies have reportedly participated in the tender and the contract has been granted to a large French company.

Khovar reports Tajikistan’s Foreign Ministry intends to launch the project in the second half of 2016.

An electronic visa can refer to the application process to get a visa, or even the visa itself.  In most cases, the process for the visa application can be completed online, instead of having to appear, or mail documents, to the consulate of a foreign nation.  In other cases, it is possible that a visa may be a card, perhaps with a magnetic stripe, that can provide vital information about a traveler.

Though they just beginning to gain popularity, an electronic visa may soon take the place of a more traditional visa.  Visas are usually needed to gain entry into a country.  Some countries may require visas be applied for ahead of the trip.  Other countries may issue an entry visa at the point of entry into the country, which is usually an airport or border crossing.  In most cases, visas are stamped into a passport and normally state the maximum amount of time the holder is allowed to remain in the country.

An electronic visa may be paper or plastic.  In some cases, the procedure for applying for an online visa will be completed online and sent electronically to a processing office.  If the visa is granted, a document may be e-mailed back to the requestor.  This document will often serve as the visa needed to gain entry into the country. It should be kept with the passport at all times, when traveling to or in the country.


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