Tajikistan reportedly seeks China’s private investment in its economy

11/07/2016 11:01
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DUSHANBE, July 11, 2016, Asia-Plus – Tajikistan seeks China’s private investment in priority sectors of its economy.

Head of Tajikistan’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI), Sharif Said, stated this at a meeting with Lin Duo, Governor of China’s Gansu Province, which took place in Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu Province on July 8 on the sidelines of the 22nd Lanzhou Investment and Trade Fair that is taking from July 8 to 11.

According to the CCI press center, Sharif Said outlined sectors like hydropower, mining, road-building, telecommunications, construction, and banking as areas which could drive a two-way trade between Tajikistan and Gansu Province.

Tajik CCI head, in particular, noted that there were more than 470 projects in Tajikistan needing foreign investments.  

Gansu Province is located in the northwest of China.  It lies between the Tibetan and Huangtu plateaus, and borders Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, and Ningxia to the north, Xinjiang and Qinghai to the west, Sichuan to the south, and Shaanxi to the east. The Yellow River passes through the southern part of the province.

Most of Gansu's economy is based on mining and the extraction of minerals, especially rare earth elements.  The province has significant deposits of antimony, chromium, coal, cobalt, copper, fluorite, gypsum, iridium, iron, lead, limestone, mercury, mirabilite, nickel, crude oil, platinum, troilite, tungsten, and zinc among others.  The oil fields at Yumen and Changqing are considered significant.

Gansu has China's largest nickel deposits accounting for over 90% of China's total nickel reserves.

Industries other than mining include electricity generation, petrochemicals, oil exploration machinery, and building materials.  According to some sources, the province is also a center of China's nuclear industry.


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