In Tajikistan was discovered the dead body of Russian climber on the peak Somoni

24/08/2016 11:38
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The body of Russian climber Mikhail Volkov, who died on August 14 while climbing to the peak of Ismoil Somoni in Tajikistan, was found by the rescuers of climbing club of Moscow aviation institute and Tajik Agency "Pamirpeaks".

As reported the President of the Council for the development of tourism of Tajikistan Davlat Habibov, the body of the Chairman of the climbing club of MAI Mikhail Volkov was discovered on August 22.

Currently, according to him, continues the search of the body of mountain climber Natalia Tsvetova, which was killed along with Volkov.

Recall that on 14th of August at 07:50 o'clock in the morning on the ridge of the peak Somoni (Communism, 7495м.) at the height of 6800 feet above the sea level a group of climbers trapped in an avalanche. One climber managed to stay alive – Pavel Tsvetov was thrown down the line of the ridge in side of the Khokhlov pass, and M. Volkov and N. Tsvetova were tossed from the crest to the East side of Ordzhinikidze glacier. Freed from the snow masses Paul Tsvetov took measures to find his friends, he tried unsuccessfully to establish voice or visual contact. During climbing down he found the ice axe of N. Tsvetova. After eight hours of failed attempts, mountaineer decided to descend towards the Base Camp on Moskvina glade. When he reached it in the midnight, the mountaineer reported about the accident to the administration. The search works of the climbers began.

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