Tajikistan will fight the extremist ideas with the help of "vanguard"

21/08/2015 09:35
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The intention on creating such groups announced Tajik Minister of Interior Affairs Ramazon Rahimzoda on August 20 at the meeting with the youth activists of the country.

The Minister said that the country carries out the police reform, one of the main goals of which is to strengthen links with the community.

He stressed that the vanguard groups, created with the help of youth and students, plan to promote national values among the society, especially the mazhab of Imam Azam, and thus to prevent the extremist ideas.

The Minister said that terrorism and extremism have become global problems today. He believes that in the fight against these evils young people may well manifest themselves with their effective propositions and initiatives.

At the meeting it was noted that overcoming of any unacceptable phenomenon can be only done by the joint efforts and unity.

It is expected that members of the vanguard groups will create and hold meetings, conferences and other events on which would be explained the consequences of contiguity young people to extremist groups.

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