Teenagers from Shouroobod leave their friend hostage to clear debt with Afghan drug dealer

04/02/2016 11:48
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DUSHANBE, February 4, 2016, Asia-Plus /Avaz Yuldoshev/ -- Two teenagers from Khalton’s Shouroobod district – 17-year-old Alisher Abduhofiz and 19-year-old Rahimali Sharif – have been arrested by officers from the State Committee for National Security (SCNS)’s office in Khatlon province on suspicion of drug traffic, according to the SCNS public relations center.

17 kilograms of raw opium and 15 kilograms of hashish had reportedly been extracted from a drug cache made by the teenagers.

Preliminary investigation has established that the teenagers left their friend, 19-year-old Ahmadsho Sherov, hostage in order to clear debt with Afghan drug dealer Nazrikhudo Pahavandaya, the SCNS public relations center says, noting that the hostage was released due to efforts of security officers.

Criminal proceedings have been instituted over the incident and an investigation is under way.

Tajiks living near the border with Afghanistan are falling prey to drug dealers who are taking desperate measure to recover debts.  Residents of border villages are taken hostage until their families pay ransom money to clear debts.    

The Shouroobod stretch is the most vulnerable part of Tajikistan’s common border with Afghanistan.   


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