Turajanzadeh: War in Syria is not Jihad

20/05/2014 15:38
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The main reason that citizens of other Islamic states, including Tajik citizens, are taking part in the war against Bashar Assad’s regime in Syria, is that they do not know the basics of Islam, and are misguided, who were incorrectly taught the laws of Sharia and Jihad. This was said in an interview to Asia-Plus by the well-known Tajik cleric, Haji Akbar Turajanzadeh.

Mr. Turajanzadeh said: “In the realities of today’s Tajikistan, the word ‘jihad’ is associated with the war conducted by a group of religious fanatics against the infidels, and therefore many clerics are afraid to clarify the truth about jihad. In reality jihad is an endeavor to protect the homeland from foreign enemies, to protect the religion, endeavor to protect the family, and to provide for welfare and education of children.”

According to him, during Assad family’s rule over Syria in over 40 years, there have been no religious restrictions, and armed conflict is based on political disagreements.

“Syrian government mostly consists of Alawites and Shiites, but there have never been restrictions against Sunnis. Over 50 per cent of Islamic literature throughout the world is published in Syria, and one cannot call the war against Assad’s regime a jihad.”

He noted that jihad principles are such that if a non-Muslim country attacks a Muslim state and the Muslim of the said country are unable to resist the occupier, Muslims from other states can take part in the war, but the situation in Syria is different.

The Tajik politician said: “Some countries, who are not happy that Iran, through Syria supports the Lebanese Hezbollah, which is like a bone in the throat of Israel, have created the current war in Syria. As we know, Hezbollah wants to end Israel’s policing of the Middle East, and has reached some results in this manner. Therefore, over 15 thousand UN peacekeepers are located on the Israeli-Lebanese border.”

According to Mr. Turajanzadeh, it is well-known that only national and religious ideologies can make people get up for combat, and the forces, who created the Syrian war through the hands of misguided people, are spending billions of dollars for this war.

Mr. Turajanzadeh said: “The West and Saudi Arabia have never spent so much in support of opposition forces in various countries, which they are spending against Bashar Assad’s regime. Today in the territory of Saudi Arabia a number of television channels are broadcasting, including in Tajik (Persian) language, and calling for jihad in Syria. Educated clerics do not have a tribune in our country in order to explain the citizens of Tajikistan the harmfulness and the fallacy of these appeals.”

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