Turkmen MFA Puzzled with Tajik PM’s Statement

26/08/2013 14:32
Payrav Chorshanbiyev
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Dushanbe. 26 August. “Asia-Plus” – Special statement, published on Friday by the Turkmen Ministry of Foreign Affairs, says that Turkmenistan had not sent any requests to Tajikistan for support by dropping extra water from Nurek dam.

Statement by the MFA of Turkmenistan notes that Tajik Prime-Minister, Aqil Aqilov, stated that Turkmenistan this year was aided to provide irrigation water for farmland by dropping water from Nurek dam.

Turkmen MFA states: “Tajik Premier indicated that precisely due to ‘support’ from Tajikistan it was possible to save the farmland of downstream countries. This statement is not true. Harvest crops in Turkmenistan have been saved solely as a result of timely implementation of water shortage measures, i.e. rational use of water resources.”

The Turkmen Foreign Ministry also states that according to Tajik media, Mr. Aqilov stated that Tajikistan held calculations in order to collect maximum amount of water in time and the same time help Turkmenistan. “However, in reality collection of water for Nurek dam is made in normal mode with no exceptions, which allowed it to be filled by 99.2 percent; while Turkmen water intake from Amudarya River has not reached its limit yet. Therefore there can be no talk of providing any ‘aid’.”

Turkmen MFA adds: “Based on the foregoing, Turkmenistan expresses outmost confusion and concern on the above statements, and considers them absolutely biased and inappropriate.”

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