Two killed in gold mine landslide in Khatlon province

29/06/2016 10:27
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DUSHANBE, June 29, 2016, Asia-Plus – Two have reportedly been killed in a gold mine landslide in Khatlon province.

Orif Nozimov, a spokesman for the Committee on Emergency Situations and Civil Defense (CES) under the Government of Tajikistan says the tragedy occurred in the evening of June 27.

“The Mahmadov brothers, Tohir, 47, and Dilshod, 29, who were working for the state-owned gold mining company, Tilloi Tojik (Tajik Gold), were searching for gold in the Shugnov jamoat of the Khovaling district in Khatlon when landslide occurred burying them,” Nozimov said, noting that the bodies of the buried miners were dug out on June 28.

Meanwhile, according to some sources, the Mahmadov brothers were searching for gold illegally. 

Tilloi Tojik was established on the basis of the Darvaz gold mining joint venture, which was established in 1995.  Tajikistan owned 51 percent of the shares and the UK-based Gold and Mineral Excavation held a 49% ownership interest in Darvaz.  The British company was reportedly pulled out the joint venture in 2000.

Tilloi Tojik produces gold from its alluvial operation at the Yakhsou deposit, located in Khatlon province in southern Tajikistan.  It reportedly has proven reserves of around 25 tons of gold.


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