WB: 55% Tajik families cut spending on food to meet other needs

26/08/2016 16:01
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The percentage of households able to buy enough food in Tajikistan in July rose slightly, accounting for about 70% of households. This is stated in the next issue of the survey of household wealth "Listening to Tajikistan" prepared by the World Bank.

Meanwhile, the percentage of households who have to reduce expenses on food to meet other needs declined to approximately 55% last month.

"In July 2016 the proportion of households who sell their assets to meet basic needs has decreased to approximately 10%," - said in the survey.

It is noted that in the previous month the percentage of households that reduced expenditures on health, in order to meet basic needs, has decreased to approximately 30% - the lowest figure recorded for the entire survey period.

Thus, the authors of the survey emphasize that the overall income per capita in Tajikistan in the last three months (May-July) increased by almost 22%.

"At the beginning of 2016 the total income decreased mainly due to the decline in the share of households, receiving any income, and lowering of middle income from farming and self-employment. However, from April the income from remittances, self-employment, agricultural activities and wage increases," - reports the survey.

It states that revealed in the survey seasonal income fluctuations are associated mainly with remittances, income from farming and self-employment.

Income from wages and pensions per capita remains relatively unchanged in real terms.


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