Zayirov Calls on His Supporters to Rally around Aynihal Babanazarova

12/09/2013 13:36
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DUSHANBE, September 12, 2013, Asia-Plus – Leader of the Social-Democratic Party called on his supporters to rally around the Union of Reformist Forces’ single candidate for president, Aynihal Babanazarova.

Rahmatilla Zayirov reports in his published message that the presidential election is a very difficult and responsible, and at the same time extremely important and momentous day in our modern history. Due to this, he asks not to be distracted by offenses, showdowns, positions of the parties, who is right and who is wrong, etc., eliminate even minor slips, otherwise “we will need to deal with their consequences for a long time.”

Mr. Zayirov says: “Today we announced Aynihal Babanazarova as the single candidate from the URF. We will not compare means and opportunities, supporters or opponents, but we will support on her support as a single URF candidate for the president of the Republic of Tajikistan.”

He called on his supporters, including members of his party, as well as the National Movement of Tajikistan, Group 24, Vatandar Social Movement, social networks and civil society activists, to put aside disputes and support the single URF candidate, Aynihal Babanazarova.

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